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Chalkboard Necklace

Are you trying to figure out what to buy as a gift for this Mother's Day?
Trying to find a unique and special gift for a friend or teacher?
What better way to send a message than by presenting this 
mini chalkboard necklace to that special person.

This is certainly a conversational piece and what fun to create your 
own message or artwork on a mini blackboard surface.
I love this piece, it's unique and beautiful.
Available at Etsy!

A Moment of Reflection

Lord, you have probed me, you know me:
you know when I sit and stand;
you understand my thoughts from afar.
My travels and my rest you mark;
with all my ways you are familiar.
Psalm 139: 1-3

Shabby Chic Glass Magnets, they're Back!

Only at Inspirations by D/Etsy, one last time!

This is the only set of it's kind!
This set features a chair, sewing machine, 
corset laced mannequin and frames with mannequin figure.

-Glass measures 1" to a little over 1 1/4" in diameter, the shape varies.
-1/4" in thickness
- Ceramic Magnet

They are back and for one time only!
This is one of the first original sets and you can get them now,
they're perfect for a sewing room, craft room, where ever you want them,
even great for gift giving now that Mother's Day is around the corner.
Don't wait and stop by the shop now!

Only 3 weeks until Mother’s Day
Show her you care with a gift like no other.

Get 10% this set by using code SHABBY10 at check out,
code expires May 4th.

Decorative Glass Magnets

I fell in love with these magnets when I made my first set. 
They are just beautiful! I wanted to share them with you and so I started selling them here
They are unique in every way and you won't find these anywhere.

The glass is hand poured, they are round and may vary in thickness.
They are large in size measuring 1.5 inches in diameter.  

Stock is currently low, so get them for Mother's Day or
 as a Graduation gift while they last.

Visit Inspirations by D the Shop for more information and view other items now!

How to Grow an Avocado Plant from Seed

My dad has an amazing avocado tree.
The avocados produced from the tree are the best tasting avocados I've ever had
and I'm not saying this because he is my dad, I've had friends try it without them knowing where I
got the avocados from and they absolutely love it.  His tree produces the large kind,
not the small black avocados used for guacamole, although you can grow those as well.

I am now inspired to grow my own.
Treasures lie in the kitchen when you want to grow your own fruits or vegetables.
The potential for exotic houseplants, fruit and vegetable gardens are contained in the seeds, 
pits and other seemingly useless parts of exotic edibles.

The next time you find yourself eating an avocado, keep the pit.
Instead of tossing it, consider growing the plant yourself. It is easy
and entertaining to raise from seed.

Source: Beautiful Gradens Made Easy

The Avocado plant is fun to grow, all you need is the pit from a very ripe fruit.
Do not cut the seed and do not peel it either.
Support the seed with three to four toothpicks half way up around the pit, 
with the tip exposed to the light, in a glass of water and the
bottom of the seed in the water at all times.  
If the water evaporates, make sure to add more water.
Change the water every two weeks as needed.

Be patient.
The seed may crack giving way to roots and stem growth on the top.
You will notice that the bottom of the seed will begin to sprout roots after a few weeks. 
After two or three leaves form, transplant it to a good potting mix in a container.
Pinch out the tip to encourage a bushy plant with numerous branches.
Give it full sun and warmth and watch it grow.

Isn't that simple?
What are you planning to grow this year?

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My Son's Surgery Update

It was a cold and dark Monday morning,
we were up and in the hospital before sunrise.
My little man was scheduled for surgery.
As you are well aware, he has a bad case of asthma,
and he was very sick every two weeks with infection.

After all the doctor's visits and an agreement with both Specialists, 
it was decided that due to his re-occurring ear infection, 
re-occurring upper respiratory infection and asthma flare ups,
that it was time to place tubes in his ears, 
 remove his adenoids and have a mild endoscopic sinus surgery using a
non-invasive new procedure.

It sounds like a lot for a little one,
but the surgery was quick and it went well that Monday morning.
He slept a lot after the surgery in the hospital, but once he was fully awake,
they sent him home for recovery time.

In the beginning it seemed that he was recovering well, 
but then toward the end of that week, headaches began and pain on the back of his neck,
 which he has never experienced.

The doctor said that the pain was due to the removal of the adenoids,
which rested toward the back of the throat.  
The pain on his neck was causing stress to his head
which was the reason for the headaches.
He was given medicine and the headaches are gone as well as his neck pain.
Since the surgery, he hasn't had an infection of any kind and his asthma seems better
because he has not flared up.

I am thankful that this surgery seems to have helped.
I pray that he continues to do well and that if you have a child with similar symptoms,
to discuss it with your doctor.
I thank all of those who had him in their prayer, thank you and God bless you.

Easter Weekend Re-Cap

This recipe has been shared in many places around the Internet.
This year I decided it was time for my little one to learn about the Crucifixion and Resurrection
of our Lord, although he knows who Jesus is, he was too young to really comprehend it all.
To help him understand, we made some Resurrection cookies.

This is a wonderful way to share with your children the 
We began by placing the pecans in a plastic freezer bag. 
My little man used a rolling pin to break the pecans into small pieces. 

I explained that after Jesus was arrested,  the Roman soldiers beat Jesus.
The story continues on with the recipe,
to follow the rest of it, go here.
In the morning the oven was opened and my son found these yummy Resurrection cookies.
They were round and the fluffiness hardened, so when you bit into it, 
it formed somewhat of an empty cave.
“He is not here, He is Risen”.
Matthew 28:6

The church service was beautiful.
After church, we held an Easter egg  hunt and the kids enjoyed it.
Not a cloud in the sky, but notice that he is wearing his rain boots.
Those are his favorite!
After the egg hunt and a quiet beautiful afternoon,
we headed out to visit friends for an Easter dinner.
I left my camera and don't have photos to share, but everything was beautiful and yummy!
My favorite was the carrot cake bunny!
Thank you Laura!

Spring Tables

A Spring celebration is the perfect way to welcome
sunshine, blue skies and beautiful blooms.
Here are a couple of ideas to inspire us.

Decorating tables with flowers and spring colors brings the beauty of nature in and what a
lovely way to celebrate it with friends. Host a lunch and share in the delight
and warmth of the season ahead.

Be inspired!

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