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My Son's Surgery Update

It was a cold and dark Monday morning,
we were up and in the hospital before sunrise.
My little man was scheduled for surgery.
As you are well aware, he has a bad case of asthma,
and he was very sick every two weeks with infection.

After all the doctor's visits and an agreement with both Specialists, 
it was decided that due to his re-occurring ear infection, 
re-occurring upper respiratory infection and asthma flare ups,
that it was time to place tubes in his ears, 
 remove his adenoids and have a mild endoscopic sinus surgery using a
non-invasive new procedure.

It sounds like a lot for a little one,
but the surgery was quick and it went well that Monday morning.
He slept a lot after the surgery in the hospital, but once he was fully awake,
they sent him home for recovery time.

In the beginning it seemed that he was recovering well, 
but then toward the end of that week, headaches began and pain on the back of his neck,
 which he has never experienced.

The doctor said that the pain was due to the removal of the adenoids,
which rested toward the back of the throat.  
The pain on his neck was causing stress to his head
which was the reason for the headaches.
He was given medicine and the headaches are gone as well as his neck pain.
Since the surgery, he hasn't had an infection of any kind and his asthma seems better
because he has not flared up.

I am thankful that this surgery seems to have helped.
I pray that he continues to do well and that if you have a child with similar symptoms,
to discuss it with your doctor.
I thank all of those who had him in their prayer, thank you and God bless you.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well. I'll continue to pray for a full recovery for your little man!

  2. glad to hear he is doing well! He will be in my prayers :)

  3. So glad to hear that your son is feeling better since the surgery Dalia. My daugher had tubes put in her ears when she was very little...about 2 or 3. It helped SO MUCH!!! Of course, that was over 20 years ago now, but they were doing it with little babies even then. She suffered so much those first couple of years. I was a nervous wreck, so I can relate to how you must have felt. My prayers will continue as he recuperates!!

  4. Poor little man, glad to hear that everything went well and that he is better now! Bon courage a toi et ton petit homme!

  5. So glad your little man is ok! It's so scary to have your little ones be sick. I'm a new fan from the Get Connected Blog hop :) Have a blessed day!

  6. Thank you Jeanne. I am relieved that he is not getting those infections. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. Gotta love ya.

  7. Miss D
    So happy your little one is better. Have him on my prayer list. Take care.



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