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How to Make a Wrap Bracelet

Many of you have been asking how can you make your own wrap bracelet?  I found this great tutorial by Auntie's Beads who is also a supplier for jewelry products.  I have got to say, I can understand why these lovely wrap bracelets are so expensive, you need to have a lot of patience to get started.  I hope that you find the video to your liking.

Let me know your thoughts on it. 

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Pineapple Pancakes & Grilled Pineapple

I received a delicious gift this past weekend, can you guess what it is?  
It's pretty obvious isn't it? 
Pineapple Pancake mix from Hawaii.  

I couldn't wait to make these pancakes.  They taste so good especially when you add a side of real grilled pineapples.  I know!  Who would've thought of grilled pineapples?  But they are delicious!

You may grill them as you wish using fresh pineapples. 
Grate some zest and set aside.
Make sure the grill's heat is on medium/low.
Peel your pineapple, then slice, vertically or horizontally; avoid the core.
Sprinkle your pineapple slices with some sugar, some zest and fresh cracked black pepper.
(The pepper will bring out the grilled flavor and add spice to it)
Place your pineapple slices on the grill.
Cook for about a minute and brush marmalade if desired
on the cooked side, then flip over and cook for another minute. 
 Don't over cook, it'll fall apart or get mushy.
Voila done! 
This also goes great with ice-cream.

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How to Make Easter Cake Pops

source: modern foodie
Aren't these adorable?  
These lovely eggs are cake pops made by April Boyer at Modern Foodie.  
You can find her decorating technique at her site.
If you want to make your own cake pops for Easter you can find the cake pop recipe here.  
You will also find other Easter decorating ideas for cake pops at Bakerella.

Making cake balls is fun, get creative with your cake pops and share them
with your friends and family.  Kids love them!

I just added this great step by step video for the tutorial on how to make the cake
pops from bakerella, hope you enjoy!

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A Day Gardening

Oh look!  I got my camera back, yay! 
I spy with my little eyes a turtle in the sky.

Whoopee! My roses are back! I love them and their fragrances are divine.

Today was gorgeous, the sky was clear, a gentle breeze cooled our faces and the sun was radiant.  A perfect day for gardening.
 I removed weeds around the beds, and I have more to pull out, they are so stubborn.
  I planted more flowers, peppers and tea roses.  I mixed organic matter in the soil and layered the top portion with garden soil hoping it will strengthen the root system of these new plants. 
 As I pulled weeds, my little garden helper, re-planted them in small plastic containers.  He was so proud of his handy work.
With so much work in the garden, it was making us quite warm.
 My little guy took his warm clothes off and came out to the yard in his swim trunks.  We splashed a bit while the plants were getting watered and enjoyed every moment.

Are you planting anything this spring?  

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