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How to Make a Ribbon Chain Bracelet

Here are some inspirations.
Lets create shall we...

Grab some ribbon and random chains laying around your home and get 
crafty by making your own bracelet.  
No glue or sewing needed for this little project.
Take the ribbon and loop it into each ring creating this effect...
Once your chain and ribbon are looped, tie the ends to secure it.
You may layer it as seen here, or make it a one chain 
wrap bracelet as the inspirations shown above. 
You can add beads to make it interesting or add rhinestones.  
Get creative and have fun with it!

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  1. Love your blog!
    I'm showing this project to my daughter. Her tiny fingers would be good at weaving through chains.
    I'm your newest follower. Pls hop by and follow me:

  2. Thanks for “Stalking Me!” I'm Stalking back! Following on GFC with Both of my blogs:
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  3. I'm am your newest follower. Found you through Blog Frog!

    Love the bracelet/necklace! Super cute!
    Dilly Dally

  4. This is such a fun blog, glad I found you!

  5. Hi again!! Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up today! I hope you will come back week after week. This is a really cute idea. I love the one with the stones the best.

  6. Thanks so much for the tutorial, it's awesome! I'm a new follower, hope you will like my blog also :)
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