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Etsy Sale

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!  Today I want to make an announcement regarding my little magnet shop.  As you know I have a little shop over at Etsy.  It has been open for almost a year now and unfortunately I have not been able to put a lot of time into it, so I have been thinking about what to do with it and I finally came to the conclusion of discontinuing making my glass magnets, at least for now.  I may re open it later on in the year.

It has been a fun and interesting experience, but life calls for more important things at the moment.  It makes me sad to have to put it aside.  I don't really have the support that I need to continue with my little hobby.  So with that said, I am hosting a private sale at the shop.  If you enter code: INSP10 you will receive 10% off  your purchase.  I hope that you take the time to stop by there and take a peek at what is currently available.  The shop will remain open until all items are gone.  
Thank you for your support .

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  1. I sure will take a look....I'm sorry to hear that you are closing but I do know that these things take up so much of our time....and there is never enough!! Hugs to you my friend! Hope you will still be blogging??

  2. :-) Yes I will continue blogging, hurrah! I really enjoy the interaction with you all.

  3. NOOOO! I love your glass stuff...but totally get the lack of time! I'll be sure to visit; thanks!


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