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Have You Looked at Blogger Lately?

More Blogger News:
Many of you have noticed that blogger has made quite a few improvements on their site during 2010 and continue to do so even as you read this post.  
There is a notice on your blogger dashboard that has been lingering for days, if not a week or so about these lovely updates and what is yet to come to your blogger account.  On the very top of your page you will see this message: 

Dashboard                                                                 Language:

Couldn't make it to Austin for SXSW? Be sure to watch this video and read this post to see what we announced!

Click on it on your page and read about it.  It is exciting to know that they are working on making your blogging experience more convenient by improving formats and adding new content.
One of the features they are working on is improving your dashboard, so go on and read all about it at Blogger Buzz: What’s New With Blogger.

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  1. Thanks for posting this - I've been seeing that notification, but I've just been ignoring it. I'm taking the time to educate myself about the new changes thanks to you!

  2. I have not been very good at educating myself either...even though I have seen that notice!

  3. Hey, found you on the blog hop around and now I'm following. I love the chain/ribbon bracelet. I'm going to try making one this weekend.


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