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Dabbling on Valentine's Gifts & Crayon Hearts

What's all this you say?  This is what I have been working on for Valentine's Day.
I have not decorated my home for Valentine's Day except with a couple of prints
and a handmade garland.  I'm not much of a decorator outside of Christmas,
but for my son's sake,we'll craft something together that reminds us of the upcoming
holiday, in this case Valentine's Day.

I have also been restocking my little shop with new magnets in blue and green colors.
Perhaps you may want to drop by and check it out for gift giving.
With Valentine's Day, Birthdays and Easter approaching you may want to get some before
they are gone.  Remember, I will not be making any push pins until possibly the summer.
We have also prepared little gifts for his classmates and teacher.  This year his teacher
is getting this "Love is Patient Printable" and perhaps magnets to go along with it.
His classmates will receive homemade heart shaped crayons and other little treats.
Below are some photos of the Heart Shaped Crayons we made.

1. My son chose to make them in different colors.
2. We took off the crayons wrappers.
3. Placed the crayons inside the silicone heart mold & let it melt in
the oven at 325 degrees for about 13 minutes or so.
4. After they melted, we placed them in the refrigerator to cool
and they were harden in minutes, they were easy to pop out with
the silicone mold.  You should try it!

The kids will love these along with small toys and heart shaped lollipops.
Hope that you enjoy!

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"Love is..." (Free Prints)

 I Love this verse from 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.
I made these prints to display at home and again, I am 
sharing them with you, so that you too may
display beautiful words in your home.  
I have also included two subway art prints with this verse below.
Download your copies free
and enjoy!!
 Download Red "Love is..." here.
Download Grey "Love is..." here.
Download Pink "Love is..." here.
Download blue "Love is..." here.
My favorite subway art print is this one, but I forgot to photograph it.
I hope that you like it too!
Download subway print here.

 Chalkboard Style
Download Chalkboard subway print here.
Download Chalkboard "Love is..." here.

Hope that you enjoy your prints and your Valentine Day!
Please give credit where credit is due & thank you.

Layla Grayce Apron Sale

I don't know about you, but as I was browsing through Layla Grayce, 
I fell in love with their aprons.  Aren't they adorable?  I think these would 
be wonderful for gifts especially with Valentine's Day just days away.  
They are fun, classy, flirty and just plain adorable.  If you are interested in 
getting an apron or two,  I have good news for you.  Now through February 28th, 
Layla Grayce is offering 15% off aprons with promo code 15apron. 

Let me share a few adorable aprons that are available at Layla Grayce.
The Jessie Steele Doris Dancing Dot apron is a fun accessory for cupcake baking 
and dinner prep and is perfect for the modern hostess! The vintage-inspired
 Jessie Steele Courtney apron sweetens its simple design with a bottom ruffle 
and a removable pink peony. The feminine cut showcases its floral purple and
pink autumn rose print against a polka dot background. 

The full-wrap Morning Bun Moments apron protects the hostess from spills and 
splashes with an oatmeal bodice accented by a waistband that ties in front. 
This apron is ideal for gift giving because it comes packaged in a glass 
jam jar with a heritage tag, apron story and blank recipe cards, 
how sweet and creative is that?  These aprons put a modern twist on a
traditional kitchen accessory. Don't miss your chance to shop this fabulous sale!

(Disclaimer) This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Layla Grayce.  All Opinions are 100% mine.

Heart Shaped Waffles

I love waffles and so does my family.  Unfortunately I don't own a waffle maker.
It would be such a delight to have one and make homemade fluffy goodness for all to 
enjoy.  Have you seen this Heart Shaped Waffle Maker?  I love the idea of a waffle 
on a stick.  Do you own a particular kind of Heart Waffle Maker?  Do you like it? 
I'm just wondering if maybe I should get one or stick to cookie cutters.

I'm preparing for Valentine's Day, by starting off the day with golden goodness.
Imagine the faces of your loved ones, when they step into the dining area and
laid out before them are these delicious, heart shaped waffles.
I remember last year when I surprised them with the pancakes and they were thrilled.
It's so much fun bringing a theme to a meal and sharing it with the family.

The way that I made these waffles, was super easy, the kids can make these 
themselves.  All you need are frozen waffles sold in the breakfast frozen section 
of your grocery store and a Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter .  

Didn't I say easy?  Surprise your loved ones with a loving breakfast or 
just have fun with the kiddos with the cookie cutter.  The ideas are endless, 
make your kids heart shaped toast or sandwiches shaped in a heart and 
stick a note with it; from mom with love.  Visit this post for more ideas.
They'll enjoy it!

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