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DIY: Advent Calendar

 Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend?  We hope that you did.
Ours was pleasant as we spent it, quiet and warm.

Today I'm exited to show you my first handmade Advent 
Calendar.  I had fun creating it & my little man couldn't wait for
it to be completed.  I saw this one on Pinterest,
but couldn't find the original post for it anywhere. 
I decided to make mine with yarn & jute twine lacing.  
If you like it, and want to create your own, here is what you will need:
    - plain board as seen below
    - yarn & jute twill
    - white craft paint
    - paint brush
    - clothes pins
    - washi tape, paint, glitter double sided tape or glitter sticker craft paper...(be creative)
    - strong glue like E6ooo
    - red marker
    - drill
I began by having Mr. M drill holes around the board two inches apart from one 
another and an inch off the side of the board.
Then I painted my board in white and set it aside to dry.

While my board dried, I decorated the clothes pins with washi tape.  I used several 
variations such as red glitter, silver glitter, dotted red washi tape and so on. 
After I finished off my clothes pins, and the paint was dry on the board,  I grabbed my 
strings and started lacing them around the board.  I tied the end off to keep it sturdy.  
After the board was laced, I added a boarder with the silver and white washi tape.
I think it gives it a finished look.  

Once my border was done, I glued each clothes pin to the board.
I'll be honest, I didn't measure the distance between them, 
I just eye balled it to look parallel from one another if that makes any sense.  
After gluing them, they were set to dry.

I don't have a cutting or printing machine such as Cricut or Silhouette,
so I used a red marker to make my numbers.  I wrote each one over each pin.
The I started hanging little gifts and have more to go.
The stars have activities written on the back for that particular day.
This is the only red item in my decor this year.  
I'm keeping it simple as always and only using neutrals, white & silver.

There you have it, our first handmade Advent Calendar, my son loves it!
Will you have an Advent Calendar this year?


  1. Katie Corley

  2. Great project !

    I would love you to come and share it at my Craft, Create & Inspire Linky party

    Hope to see you there:)

    Claire@ Polkadot pretties x


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