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Gardening in June

I've been out and about in my yard getting the
garden ready for summer.
This time of year most gardens have
begun to flourish already, 
I can see all the colors of different
blooms in my flower beds
and the energy that we put into gardening
all spring really pays off.

However, once planted, the garden needs to 
be weeded and watered regularly.
You will need to supply your garden with water
if it receives less than one inch
of rainfall a week.
I tend to do a rain dance in the hope that we
get some rain during the week.

What I have done to control weeds and conserve 
moisture is to mulch around my plants.
Plants with heavy flowers, or that are very tall,
may need some staking by June.
I have found a few of my own that I have
supplied with stakes.
The roses you see above are held by stakes.

Peonies with their full blooms can droop to
the ground about now, so you may
want to use one or several pole stakes with string
depending on how large your plants are.
Annuals such as cosmos and perennials such as foxglove 
grow tall and may need to be staked as well.
I found that this year my gardenia bushes are full of blooms
that make it droop and I have had to supply
them with stakes as well.

There is still work to be done and trees to be
planted before summer is actually here,
my avocado plants are tall and need to be transplanted,
my lemon tree needs a larger pot
 and our gourd vine which our sweet neighbor gave us,
needs a place in the garden as well.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Your garden is beautiful. I could come and soak up the sun.

  2. These photos are gorgeous! I love the colors.


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