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True to Yourself

I was reading a book the other night and came across a line by
Margaret Langstaff that read; "Each of us is absolutely unique and irreplaceable
in the eyes of God".

It made me think, we are beloved, unique children of God- one of a kind.
God gave us special gifts and talents that we were born to share with the world.
But often that vision of who we are is obscured by the wear and tear of everyday life.

If you have been feeling a bit insignificant or unworthy, learn to see yourself as
God sees you.  He does not see you the way you see yourself.  Take your hopes
and dreams seriously once again, I know that I have and it makes such a difference.

Be true to your deepest self, and trust that God has a purpose for us all.
Each day is a new beginning.  Holding on to old ways of thinking,
grudges and resentments, and worn-out ideas is self-defeating.
Now is the time to choose a fresh start and new attitude.

Start with an attitude of forgiveness for anyone who has trespassed against you.
And forgive yourself, asking God to help you make a fresh start today.
Be open to new ideas and new possibilities.
Remember that you've never been here before (today),
because each day offers a new adventure.


  1. Oh thank you. Needed this today!

  2. Such super words of inspiration. Very true indeed. I am now trying to find my way down a new path in my life... I wonder what challenges I will face. ;-)
    jennie. x

  3. Love this post! I'm having a linky party, and would love for you to join! Here is the link Thanks for sharing!!!


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