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Fall Cupcakes: Last Minute Ideas

Are you going to bake any goodies this weekend?
I have collected some last minute
cupcake ideas and recipes to inspire you.
I will be taking care my sick little guy.
Hope that you enjoy!

For this cupcake
I didn't use chocolate filling in the recipe.
I used vanilla instead with orange food coloring for the inside 
and left it white for the frosting with colorful Halloween sprinkles.
(orange wrap at Walmart)

To make this cupcake stand go here.

Look at the gooey, delicious, creamy center!
We couldn't wait to sink our teeth into it.

Oh the sweetness!
Great for kids school parties.
Which is your favorite idea?

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Silhouette Family Photos

Do you remember this post?  It's the one with the silhouette tutorial.
As promised, I photographed my silhouettes for you to see.
I've always loved old fashion silhouettes.  
I remember seeing them in my grandmother's house years ago 
and in my neighbors home.

I have never been able to find originals for my home so
I made my own.  They aren't perfect: After hanging mine, 
I realized that I forgot the lashes.  It gives it more depth when 
you add little details like that to your silhouettes.
If you want to create your very own, 
drop by here for tutorials.

Here are a couple of other silhouettes to inspire you.

Hope that you enjoy!
Thank you for your lovely visit!

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Hello everyone, I hope that you are doing well on this fine day.  Today I want to share with you my thoughts about an ornament that I received by mail from

Christmas Ornaments is an online shop that offers Christmas gifts, ornaments and loads of tips including a gift wrapping guide to make your holiday easy and fun.

Christmas Ornaments is a company who's priority is quality and customer satisfaction.  
Once I chose the ornament that I wanted, Christmas Ornaments shipped my item right away.  
I chose my ornament from their Religious Ornament section.  Their merchandise varies greatly, 
so you have the option to select items from any section of their online shop, such as 

One thing I love is that you may place custom orders as well.  These ornaments are beautiful and come from reputable companies world wide.  You will receive your order well packaged and quickly.
What I love about this ornament is how the manger in Bethlehem shines through this wintry 
snowflake that is cut out of wood making it delicate and beautiful.
This ornament is a 3.5" x 3.5" in size and light in weight.  It is made from German wood and 
it is carved carefully and precisely to show every detail of the design giving it an elegant look.
snowflake with Nativity Scene
 I love that it stays in place when added to a Christmas tree, unlike many other ornaments 
that pull the tree branches down due to their weight.
 I also love that it's neutral in color because you can incorporate it to any theme on your tree.
Another thing that's wonderful about this ornament is that if I don't want to place it on my tree 
I can also use it to decorate a gift, now wouldn't that be a treat?
I can also apply it to other Christmas decor like the example below:
source: design,

It's beautiful,
It is Eco-friendly
 I can apply it to any Christmas decor.
 What else can I ask for.
Have you selected your Christmas ornaments this year?
Visit, and select your favorites or why not do your 
Christmas shopping there, they have everything you need to make your Holidays spectacular.
Thank you for stopping by and looking at my new ornament!

(Disclaimer: I received the above for a product review,
 all views expressed are my honest opinion, I did not receive monetary compensation)

Teach a Child to Pray

 I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I want to thank you for being here today and for reading my post. I wanted to take this moment to let "YOU" know that I appreciate you, for taking some of your own time and coming over here to this little blog.  So thank you!

A Re-Post of a sweet way to teach your little ones to pray.

 Here's a little something I wanted to share with you.  I read a book that a friend gave to me a while back and came across this beautiful idea.  As you know many children learn to count on their fingers, but a nurse once taught a child to pray "on his fingers".  This was her method:

Your thumb is the digit nearest 
to your heart, so pray first for 
those who are closest to you.  Your 
own needs, of course, should be
 included, as well as those of your 
beloved family & friends.

The second finger is the one used 
for pointing.  Pray for those
 who point you toward truth,
 whether at church or school.  
Pray for your teachers, mentors, 
pastors/priests and those
 who inspire your faith.

The third finger is the tallest.  
Let it stand for the leaders in 
every sphere of life.  Pray for those
 in authority--both within the body 
of Christ and those who hold office
 in various areas of government.

The fourth finger is the weakest, 
as every pianist knows.  
Let it stand for those who are 
in trouble and pain--the sick, injured,
 abused, wounded, or hurt.

The little finger is the smallest.  Let it stand for
 those who often go unnoticed,
 including those who suffer abuse and deprivation.

What a simple and wonderful reminder as we pray!  What a great tool 
to use in teaching children how to pray for themselves and others.

Evening, and morning, and noon,
 will I pray, and cry aloud:
and he shall hear my voice.

Psalm 55:17

Simple Word Art for Kids

This is a simple and easy project for kids.

What you will need:

I had an old oval picture frame that I purchased for $3 at a second hand store and decided to paint it white.
if you wish to use an old frame and paint it, you may.  I used spray paint.

After the paint dried, my little guy traced the letters on the scrapbook paper,
then he cut the letters out, 
 he glued the letters to the background, then placed the word art on the frame
and voila!

This is a great project for kids; have them cut out their names or favorite words to hang in their rooms or favorite play area.  It makes it special when you hang up their creation!
Happy Crafting!

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An Autumn Day

Tutorial Below
We enjoy the change of weather from season to season, 
especially in the Fall.
Our favorite things in Autumn are:
Today is a perfect cool and rainy autumn day.
The trees sway gently and the birds chirp in enjoyment of the gentle falling rain.


I can hear my son with his dad's light-saber, in the next room. 
The light-saber is made of glass which means that my 
little guy is too young to play with it on his own.  
Dad supervises when this device is in use, 
so it belongs to his dad; remember, 
he is a Star Wars fan too!
We did find a new light-saber for children in the 
store yesterday, it is very similar to the one he 
is currently playing with, but it's made of plastic parts. 
This may be perfect for a Christmas gift for the little man this year.

I have been working on some crafts and I stumbled 
upon one that is perfect for this time of year and it's made with natural 
leaves, you really don't have to spend a dime on this one, 
unless you are out of straws and the kids will love gathering 
leaves for this little project.
Here is a look on how to make your own natural leaf garland.

Source: via pinterest

Clever isn't it!
I hope that you are enjoying this fine day.  

Packaging Ideas

My shop remains open and as an online shop owner, I want to have pretty and presentable packaging 
for my customers. The presentation that I give is as important as my product.

I have changed the look of my packages a couple of times since I opened my shop.
Thanks to this site for helpful hints for handmade shop owners, I finally narrowed down what 
I was aiming for, a simple, clean and professional look.
I wanted to brand my items, so I invested in some plain stickers and printed out my own labels. 
I took the colors that I use in the shop banner and blog design and applied it to the labels and ribbons.

 Adding business cards with contact information to your packages is important to keep 
the buyer informed of where they made their purchase.
I also use an Eco friendly natural box for packaging.
The items that are purchased are packaged with care,
so that upon arrival, the buyer receives everything in one piece.
If you are shipping fragile items, make sure you wrap your items well to protect it during shipping.
When you order an item from the Inspirations by D shop,
 this is the packaging that you will receive in the mail.

If you own a shop and want packaging ideas for your business, here are a few to inspire you.
Please be original and don't copy other sellers packages.
Being different is what makes your shop unique.

Image Detail


I hope that you were inspired with these packaging ideas.

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