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Life in the Back Yard

Upon our return home from the Big Apple, we found these lovelies in our back yard.
 New pink Hydrangeas
New roses and other beautiful plants...

...and new guests.
Baby birds are so precious, my son was so excited to see these little ones.
Can you tell that we love exploring our yard, it's always full of surprises.
Do you ever explore the surroundings of your house, apartment building...
What's in your backyard?

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  1. You have such beauty displayed in your backyard. How fun to have baby birds!

  2. Beautiful flowers and the little birds are so cute!! My Chloe loves birds! She will sit very still for HOURS to watch those baby birds and she will never, ever disturb them or make noise!

  3. I have a huge love for hydrangeas! Would love to have them all over my place <3 still need to buy one before I can realise my little dream! Can't wait. :) xoxo

    your new follower, Urska @


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