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Random Musings

A random day filled with nothing but beauty.

1- Signs of Spring

The work of our creator....

Lovely Daffodil.

His favorite collection.

It is a delight exploring the first signs of spring with my little one and scouting all the new colors that it brings.
I know that some places are still getting snow, but for the warmer areas, hope that you can find signs of spring in your location.

2- Healthy Eating

 I have a love for greens and I have been enjoying so many wonderful salads recently.  We enjoy this one at home; greens, a splash of color with tasty strawberries, grilled chicken strips, some crunch with almonds and baby carrots and a bit of goat cheese.  You need an acquired taste for this particular cheese:-)  It is such a mix of flavor when you combine fruits and greens in a salad.  Tasty!

3-  The Red Balloon

If you were born in the early 70s, then perhaps you may remember watching The Red Balloon in school.  It is one of our favorites here at home.  I remember how captivating it was;  It moved every sense of feeling inside, happiness, laughter, sadness and so much more.  This 1956 short film was directed by  Albert Lamorisse
and filmed in Paris, France.  It won numerous awards including an Oscar for best original screenplay. This film is only 34 minutes long and follows the adventure of a boy who finds a sentient, mute red balloon.  If you haven't seen this beautiful film, then I recommend it!  

4- Blog Book

Do you remember when I wrote to you about turning your blog into a memory book on a previous Miscellany Monday?  Well I tried it!  I think that they should give us better choices for the layout of pictures and posts in the book, but perhaps that is something they are working on, who knows.  Never the less, I was pretty happy with my memory book, it'll be something I'll treasure for a long time.

Happy Monday!

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  1. We have tulips coming up in the mulch like that too -- and I also snapped pictures. I love your budding flower pictures! :)

    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    ~Liz B

  2. I just loved everything about this post today!! We don't have any signs of spring yet with so much snow on the ground!! I did go pick out some spring colored paper and cardstock yesterday!! I've been toying with making a blog book too...yours looks fabulous! The salad sounds very refreshing!!


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