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How to Make Scrapbook Paper Flower Hair Pin & Push Pin

Today I wanted to do something crafty.  As I searched my unorganized supply closet, 
I came across my old scrapbook flower embellishments from Prima Marketing Inc.
Prima Marketing is a company that sells supplies for scrap-booking.

Since I no longer scrapbook, I thought I'd put the flowers to good use and that's
exactly what I did.  I made Push Pins and Hair Clips with these lovelies and
they looked fabulous.  They are very simple to make, just glue on and let dry, that's it!
Voila!  Beautiful Push Pins.
To make your own you need flower embellishments
craft glue such as E6000,
push pins and hair clips.
The photos speak for themselves, these are so easy to make.
Aren't they pretty?  My husband thought I was going out on the town, silly him.
Happy Crafting!

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  1. I really love the hairclips!!! And the pushpins...actually I love anything Prima makes! I have done some design work for them...totally adore their embellishments!!

  2. These are just gorgeous, what a great idea.

  3. Classiest pushpins EVER! I love them as clips, too.

  4. Those are gorgeous!! I can't believe they are made to use for scrapbooking, wouldn't they get squished? I am not a scrapper, so I am clueless.
    Thanks for linking up!!

  5. So cute! Much nicer than the icky plastic ones I have going right now.

    So glad that you decided to join Pin'Inspiration Thursday this week :-)


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