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Our Perfect Tree

My husband and I have been married eleven years and throughout our eleven years of marriage, we never had a real Christmas tree, we used a faux tree that we purchased when we lived in Germany.  This year we decided to get a real Christmas tree for our new home.  It will be my son's and my husband's first real tree.
My little tree hunter

This particular tree farm sprayed some of their trees with a special green paint to keep it fresh.  I did not want anything with paint, especially with two asthmatics in the house.  Not me,  I wanted the real deal 100% all natural.  So we kept looking.
This was the one, the right height, thickness and all natural.  
When we brought it home the entire house had that fabulous scent of fresh blue cypress pine.
We love, love, love our new natural tree!  Now all we need to do is to decorate it!
What's your preference real or faux?


  1. We have always had a real tree. When the kids were born is when we started going to the tree farms to cut one day. Lots of good memories! Enjoy your beautiful tree!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous! And so HUGE. I love it. I can't wait to see pictures of it decorated =) We will be tree hunting this weekend I think, I can't wait. I just love Christmas!

  3. We do real. It's the fun of going and picking it out and all that. Plus,(I blogged about this) My parents live next to a Tree farm and during the week they sell the trees for them and the farm uses their ground so it's pretty cool.

  4. Your Tree is a beautiful looking tree too by the way. Great shape. (didn't mention that in previous comment)

  5. I love real trees, but they hate me. They make me sick and I can't breath. Also, one of my cats is allergic to pine.

  6. I would love to have a real tree, at least once. But, we can't. My daughter is allergic to all trees and it would make her terrible sick. So, we have a beautiful fake tree that we put up every year and decorate with love.


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