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How to Make a Natural Bird Feeder

I am headed for surgery today. I have been doing everything I was instructed to do, including a diet of only liquids the day before the surgery and then nothing after midnight.
 I am so hungry right now, I can't wait until after the surgery so that I can eat again. Are you curious about my surgery?  Stay tuned and I'l let you know what it's about later on.

Right now, I'll show you what my little boy and I did for a fun project.  I am sure all you great moms have already beat me to it, but I wanted to share it here for those who have not tried it with your kids. We made a bird feeder and this is what we did:

You will need, bird seed, peanut butter, a pine cone, plate, string and disposable utensil.

Apply the peanut butter on the pine cone with a utensil.

Pour bird seeds on the plate.

Roll the pine cone with peanut butter over the bird seed until it is covered. For missed spots sprinkle the seeds on.

Hang it up somewhere outdoors, a tree, backyard, front yard...and see the results.  Here we caught a Red Cardinal feeding from the pine cone.   Too bad my camera wouldn't zoom in.  I know, I know, terrible picture!  Hey I have an amateur camera.

The picture is not great & I'm sorry for that, but I wanted to share it. We were pretty far in order not to scare the bird away, need a better camera.  The Cardinals love it! 

Now you go have fun and make this with your kiddos!

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