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Bouquet of Color and Shapes

Want to teach your toddler the colors that nature has to offer and explore the different shapes too?
Take a walk outside your home with your little ones and seek out everything that surrounds you.
That is what we did and this is what we found.

A great time for these outdoor adventures is in the Spring time.  There are new colors blooming everywhere.

Busy bee.

Backyard visitor

Cute ducklings around the area.

 Hope you enjoy your nature walk outside your home.
 You'll notice things you never noticed before.


  1. Looks beautiful D :)
    Cool initial by the way! Your photographs are gorgeous. We are entering a very cold winter this week and it's refreshing to see something bright and green. Enjoy your summer and blessings with the blog.
    Dotti :)

  2. What a great frog picture!

    I came over from the 'first blog' link up.


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